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Have you ever seen a Moose brush his teeth? Then, read this book! (Five stars)

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JAFS, INC. and Plow Games, LLC. Announce new AppBook release - "Have you ever see a Moose brushing his teeth?"

June 6, 2011 – JAFS, Idnc., and Plow Games, LLC, announce the release of appBook, "Have You Ever Seen A Moose Brushing His Teeth?" an interactive children's book targeting animal lovers and children ages 2-10.

This exciting new AppBook engages children through rhyming, singsong lyrics and whimsical, vibrant illustrations. Children follow "moose" along on his quest to rid himself of slimy, green, grass and hay-laden teeth. Sling the green slime, brush "moose's" teeth, help him rinse and spit and finish off with necessary flossing are some of the hilarious interactive activities each reader can enjoy. The young tooth enthusiasts can either read the book themselves or choose to have the book read to them. They can move through the book at their own pace and enjoy each interactive adventure as they choose. Can a moose sing? This tooth-brushing moose DOES and you don't want to miss the fun as he learns the importance of good dental hygiene!

With each purchase of this new AppBook, you will receive the new Moose Game developed by Plow Games, LLC. Is there a strategy to a spitting Moose? Play with Moose and friends as you master the art of launching his spit through moving rings. Hit Ernie the Eagle and multiply your points rapidly! This fast-paced, addictive game has multiple levels and increasing ring speed as it challenges young and old alike!

Indianapolis, Indiana author, Jamie McClaine, launched her idea of promoting good personal hygiene to children with her first book, "Have You Ever Seen A Moose Taking A Bath?" She did " ...what many only dream of doing,", says McClaine, a mother of two, after she vacationed in Yellowstone National Park and witnessed a moose bathing in a nearby stream. She was mesmerized with his natural antics and immediately went to work to capture the magic. McClaine, who grew up reading and collecting Dr. Seuss books, uses her own rhyming, singsong lyrics to bring the moose to life. After great success with the moose "bath" book, McClaine went to work on her next book, "Have You Ever Seen A Moose Brushing His Teeth?" "I had so many parents and children tell me that the "bath" book made bathing fun, that I wanted to continue with the theme of personal hygiene for kids," McClaine stated. "The next logical step was toothbrushing!"

"We are very excited to take the Moose one step further and make him and his silly antics available to children via the iPad, iPhone and Android mediums," said Fred McClaine, Business Manager, for JAFS, Inc. "We have sold over 60,000 copies of the hardback books and felt that it was important to have the books available in another medium," said McClaine. "We have young children and know the importance of having educational, yet fun, activities available to them in many different situations (i.e., the car, doctor's office and on trips)",-stated McClaine. "Our collaboration with Plow Games has made it possible to take the Moose to the next level," said McClaine.

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